Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 3

Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 3 - Exam 3...

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Exam 3 Precipitation development Warm cloud process – clouds that form at temperatures above freezing are called warm clouds. Precipitation production in a warm cloud occurs through “collides and coalescence All cloud drops are liquid water Probability of a Collision M+E mosquito and an elephant YES!!! M+M two mosquito’s E+E two elephants Cloud droplets of different sizes are necessary for collision & coalescence Because larger drops have a smaller surface-area-to-weight ratio they fall farther and faster before reaching their terminal velocity Cold cloud process – Cloud formation takes place at temperatures below freezing In a cold cloud the bottom of the cloud may contain liquid droplets only, but above the freezing level will contain a mixture of liquid and frozen droplets The top of the cloud with temps below -40 will have only ice particles and will be glaciated. Droplets that remain liquid at temperatures below freezing are called “super cooled” droplets The saturation vapor pressure over a water surface is greater than that over an ice surface at the same subfreezing temperature. This difference establishes a force that causes water vapor molecules to move from liquid drops toward ice crystals Therefore ice particles grow at the expense of water droplets. Precipitation soundings
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Some precipitation terms Virga – rain not reaching the ground Drizzle – drops less than .5 mm diameter Rain-to-snow ratio – On average it takes about 10 inches of snow to melt into one inch of water, but that ration can vary tremendously according to the air temperature – from slush to powder. Hail
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Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 3 - Exam 3...

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