Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 4

Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 4 - Exam 4 C hapter...

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Exam 4 Chapter 9, 10, 11 Weather Forecasting Meteorological Organizations WMO – World Meteorological organization (consists of about 175 nations) National Weather Service – The NWS is a department within NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which is a department within the Commerce department of the federal government) Offices within the NWS NCEP – National Center for Environmental Prediction WSO – Weather service offices CPC – Climate prediction center TPC – Tropical prediction center SPC – Storm prediction center Methods of Forecasting Persistence – future weather will be the same as present weather. Steady-state/trend, nowcasting – assumes weather systems will move in the same direction and at approximately the same speed and maintain their current strength. Analogue – conditions on the weather charts strongly resemble features that produced certain weather conditions sometime in the past. Climatological forecast – a forecast based on climatology (average weather) Ensemble forecasting – averaging several models or runs of the same model Probably of precipitation The chance of rain is 60%. The expression means that there is a 60 percent chance that any random place in the forecast area, such as your home, will receive measureable rainfall. Numerical weather prediction Watches/warnings How accurate are forecasts? Private vs. Public AWIPS – Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
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Thunderstorms Stages of Development 1. cumulus 2. growing (sometimes the cumulus and growing stages are combined into one stage called the cumulus stage. Updraft is there)
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Elements of Meteorology Notes for Exam 4 - Exam 4 C hapter...

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