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Anand Somasundaram Mydal Religions of the Eastern Culture 12/01/08 Shinto Essay “Shinto The way Home” by Thomas P Kasulis is a book about how Shinto started in Japan and about the the importance of Shinto in Japan. The book contains 184 pages and it is published in Honolulu, Hawaii under the publication of the University of Hawaii Press. The book reviews the history and its involvement in the Japanese Culture. In his intro he describes the layout of the book and the purpose behind writing this book. Chapter 1 is entitled, “ Entering Through the Torii”. This chapter is about whether the Shinto spirituality is existentialist or essentialist. The author says Shinto is mysterious and wondrous. Author states feeling Shinto is not limited to the nature around us but also things created by man. He states that Shinto's powers come in three forms, they are “tama”, “mi” or “mono”. Kami is the presence. “Kami no michi (the kami path)” is the path to and from the mystery. Mystery is important to Shinto. Mystery is apart of life and to not accept is like “running away from home”(Kasulus pg12). Shinto is also about how one thing relates to another. Shinto's also use scared objects to represent “awe inspiring power” such the torii ( Gate) and shimenawaw (scared rope). The next topic of the chapter is the relationships between internal and external relations. The word “tama” is infusing the spiritual power into a object but keeping the
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integrity of the object and the object itself doesnt change. It also doesnt change the object's tama, the relationship is external. “Mi” and “Mono” are words to describe an internal relationship. In these relationship of spirit and matter, one can not live with the other, they go hand in hand. mi seems to have been used to refer to objects that are viewed as spirits. “Mono” is the quality of the spirit when it moves from one thing to another. In Shinto, the relationship between humans and kami make human what they are. This relationship is very important in shinto but Shinto doesnt believe it should be inclusive. Shinto promotes independence and interaction with other human. In addition, tama causes a change to the world . The world is filled with Kami in saying that Kami and the world can not be complete with each other even though the two are independent. There are scared objects in Shinto such as the Shimenawa and the Torii. Shimenawa is a scared rope made out of straw and it is wrapped around the tree to represent Kami. Another important marker in Shinto is the Torii. The Torii is a
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shinto essay - Anand Somasundaram Mydal Religions of the...

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