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midterm 2-key-2008 (1) - Last Name: _, First Name: _ Lab...

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Last Name: _______________________________, First Name: __________________ Lab (day and time): ________________________, TAs: _______________________ BISC 320 - Midterm 2 October 27, 2008 1. Do NOT turn over this cover sheet until you are told to, meanwhile please read these instructions carefully! 2. There will be NO questions about the exam (of course unless there's an obvious problem that must be addressed). 3. Use a pen to answer the questions. Otherwise you are not eligible for regrading. 4. All bags, books, and papers must be left on the floor. Have your student ID on your desk. Anything you need during the exam must be taken out before the exam begins. 5. Print your name on every page, and your lab section information on the first two pages. 6. Read each question ALL THE WAY through before answering. 7. Write ONLY in the spaces provided. Answers written outside the space will not be graded. There are a total of 7 pages including this page. Please check to make sure that you have all of them before starting the test. Please check the box next to your TAs’ names : Carlos Cabrera Abdoulaye Galbani Bradley Main Mehmet Cetin Ma’Mon Hatmal Jason Pong Prithviraj Chellamuthu Maria Intermaggio Feng Qi Kwasi Connor Lori Klaidman Angel Tabancay Nadine Eisenkolb Yishi Li Natalia Tjokro Daniel Ford Jiajuan (Jan) Liu Junsheng Yang
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Last Name: __________________________ First Name: ______________________ Page 2 BISC 320 Midterm 2, Oct 27, 2008 Print your last and first name on every page. Answers written in pencil are NOT eligible for re-grade. Multiple Choice (3 pts. each) Choose the BEST answer . 1) After replication of any DNA molecule, the relationship of the two nascent strands to each other is: a) antiparallel b) identical c) complementary d) conservative Note: 1 point is given for answer A. 2) Replicative DNA polymerases differ from translesion DNA polymerases in that replicative polymerases: a) never make errors b) contain a 3’ to 5’ exonuclease activity c) synthesize phosphodiester bonds d) act during S-phase 3) Translesion DNA synthesis (TLS) differs from Mismatch Repair (MMR), Nucleotide- Excision Repair (NER), and Base-Excision Repair (BER) in that TLS: a) always creates mutations b) never creates mutations c) requires DNA polymerase and DNA ligase d) does not actually repair damage 4) What is the essential purpose of homologous recombination during meiosis? a)
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midterm 2-key-2008 (1) - Last Name: _, First Name: _ Lab...

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