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THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 304 Fall 2009 Design Lab #1 (Due 9/ 1 8/0 9 ) 1. Figure 1 shows the measured I D -V DS curves of a 5um/0.15um ( W/L ) NMOS transistor. (the data file is attached) Figure 1 a) Estimate the model parameters (Level 1) V T0 , γ , k’ , and λ of this transistor. (Assume ϕ f = 0.3 V) b) Calculate the small signal parameters ( g m , g mb , and r o ) at the operating point A. ( V GS = 1.2 V, V BS = 0, V DS = 0.8 V) c) Use the results of part (a) to complete the .model statement of the following HSPICE netlist to simulate the I D -V DS curves of figure 1. (the red curves, since V BS = 0) .option nomod post .model xtor nmos level=1 vt0= xxx gamma= xxx lambda= xxx kp= xxx capop=0 m1 d g 0 0 xtor w=5u l=0.15u vds d 0 dc=0.8 vgs g 0 dc=1.2 R. W. Brodersen
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.probe dc id=i1(m1) .dc vds start=0 stop=1.8 step=0.01 vgs 0.9 1.5 0.3 .end d) Copy the netlist file (xxx.sp) to your working directory and execute HSPICE and Awaves:
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Unformatted text preview: > hspice xxx.sp >! xxx.lis >info: *****hspice job concluded > wv & e) View the results from W ave View Analyzer and print out the I D-V DS curves. Compare the measured and simulated curves and comment on the results. f) Modify the netlist (to provide V BS = -1.2 V) and repeat part (d) and (e) for the blue curves of figure 1. 2. Figure 2 shows the measured log( I D ) –V GS curves of the same NMOS transistor. (the data file is attached) Figure 2 a) Assume the sub-threshold current can be approximated with T th V GS V nV d e I I ) ( − = , where V T = 26mV. Estimate the value of n for this transistor. b) Use the extracted model and procedure of problem 1 to simulate and print out the curves shown in F igure 2 (log( I D ) –V GS ) and normal I D –V GS curves. Comment on the accuracy of the simulation results for different regions of operation....
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design_lab_1 - > hspice xxx.sp> xxx.lis>info*hspice...

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