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: *** 3 TAKE-HOME 3 Ch 3, Take-Home (Federalism) AP AG 1. Federalism involves two levels of government, both of which are [AJ democratic. [D] sovereIgn. [B] representative. [E] bicameral. [C] dependent. 2. Which of the following allows national governments the right to alter or even abolish local government? (A] a confederation rD) a unitary system [B] socialism [E] federalism [C] a constitutional government 3. One of the things that has kept our local governments independent of the national govemment is fA] the fact that the local tax structure requires local administration. [B] the Fourteenth Amendment. [C] Article X of the u.s. Constitution. [D] the power of free elections. [E] the commitment of Americans to the ideal oflocal government. 4. At a rime when other Western nations were debating whether government ought to provide pensions or regulate business, the question in the United States was [A] whether the national government had the right to do these things. [B] if government was capable of performing in an efficient manner while managing the economy. [C] what tradeoffs would have to be made. [D] whether state or local. government was better equipped for such tasks. [E] how government could reduce its social commitments. -- --1
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5. In the United States, programs such as the interstate highway system and services to the ~unemployed are most accurately considered [A] federal functions that operate without any involvem~nt on the part of state governments. [B] federal functions, although state governments pay some ofthe costs. [C] state functions which are designated under the Tenth Amendment. [D] state functions, although the federal government seeks to regulate them. [E] state functions that operate without any involvement on the part of the federal government. 6. An interest group with a strong following in only one region of the coun,try would have the best chance to achieve its goals under what type of system? [A] democratic [B] provincial [C] republican . [D] federal [E] unitary 7. The cost of political participation to the average U.S. citizen is less than that to the average French citizen because, in the United States, [A] political participation is both protected and encouraged by the U.S. Constitution. [B] fewer citizens become involved in political causes than in France.
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AP US Go Test 3 - : * 3 TAKE-HOME 3 * Ch 3, Take-Home...

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