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archaeology china lectures - 8 Eunuchs were functionaries...

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1. China a. Regionalization Era i. 5000-2000 BC ii. Foundations for urban state level society met in different regions and converge in Zhong –Guo iii. Five or six major states simultaneously being formed iv. Three dynasties v. Shang-first major centralized state organization, with rulers living in cities and controlling the surrounding regions through ritual and socio-political mechanisms, including military force vi. Anyang 1. Yinxu: the capital site of last nine Shang Kings ca. 1200-1050 BC 2. Huanbei: a slightly earlier walled urban settlement ca. 1250 vii. Anyang-grew to fifteen square kilometers to twenty five square kilometers 1. No walls allow for no economic and defensive traits 2. Powerful families in the center of a city with weaker families in the outer areas 3. Normal people lived outside the walls 4. Metal was controlled by the state, metal was power 5. High gods and ancestors were worshipped 6. Scapulamency-reading burned scapulas 7. Powerful women were from important families
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Eunuchs were functionaries of the state 9. Different scapula were used for different topics 10. Bones can be manipulated to give desired answers to scapula questions 11. Writing on bronzes indicating names 12. Later standardization made common writing system 13. Royal burials had thousands of sacrificial victims brought in as captives 14. Extensive use of force led to the downfall of the elites viii.Zhou Dynasty 1. Similar to the Shang in many ways 2. Bone use substituted for bamboo writing ix. Shi Huang Ti and Qin rule (Qin Dynasty) 1. Destroyed past societies documents and cultures 2. Destroyed Confucian texts 3. Established roads 4. First use of paper 5. Regulated weights and measures 6. Saved some texts to legitimize power 7. Stopped the practice of human sacrifice 8. Terracotta warriors in the tomb for himself x. Han Dynasty (206 BC to AD 220) 1. North central...
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archaeology china lectures - 8 Eunuchs were functionaries...

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