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Unformatted text preview: Collins, elliot, berry -I t has been argued that television has become a sex educator to America’s Children, usurping the role of parents - high prevalence of sexual content has raised concern, in part, because of fear that lessons thauth by teleivison are inaccurate, and even when accurate, television is i nformation more appropriately conveyed by parents - rather than substituting for parents, televsion may act as a catalyst to conversation - 1/3 ages 15-17 had television instigated conversations with parents - gives parents opportuni ty to provide input and challenge the media - thus, does meida promote the role of parents as sex educators? - it is possible to deliver health messages to a very large audience through entertainment - Entertainment television is often presumed to have an exclsivley negative i nf luence on America’s adolescents and is sometimes blamed for high rates of sex, STDS - television can be a positive force in teaching sex education - can teach the r isks and responsibilities that accompany sexual activity by portraying sexually active indivduals with whom adolescents identify - parents and adults can enhance learning from educational programming ...
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