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gauntlett - o Audiences often arrive at their own often...

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- We are nomads in the media landscape - We are doing many things all the time o That is the power of media - It is always everywhere and we are everywhere with them Gauntlett - should not look at just media, but rather what people do with the media - How do we define violence? o Always antisocial rather than prosocial o Always bad rather than good - Violence is not a one category division - Past studies have often taken a stereotyped, periodic view of media content o Take the media as the starting point o Looking at the indviduals rather than society - Children are treated as inadequate, only evaluate what the media does to them o Does not think children can understand the mass media - Studies are artificial - Objects of the study are inadequately defined o Hitting a still object = killing someone? - No attempt to understand meanings of the media
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Unformatted text preview: o Audiences often arrive at their own, often heterogenous, interpretations of everyday media texts-Effects model has no theoretical reasoning beyond the bald assertions that particular kinds of effects will be produced by the media o Why should the media induce people to imitate? o How can seeing an activity translate into a motive? o Has lead to assumptions that the media is The unproblematic starting point, Children will be unable to cope with it The categories of violence and antisocial behavior are evident The model’s predictions can be verified by scientific research Screen fictions are of concersn-Failure of this model does not mean effect of mass media can no longer be investigated-...
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