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jeff jones october 1

jeff jones october 1 - Jeff Jones-television continues to...

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Jeff Jones -television continues to be an enormously popular and powerful cultural presence in American Society - democratic vitality- voting, political party affiliation, trust in leaders, political knowledge, voluntary activism, all regiser signal so fdecline - Media are our primary points of access to politcs - encounters occur through a panoply of media forms across numerous fictional and nonfictional genres - encounters do not just provide information about politics, they constiute our mental maps of the political and social world outside our direct experience - many theorists and social critics have the desire to realize a normative ideal of the citizen as a “rational critical actor” in public life - advocates that there is “serious” information needed for citizens to be informed and then “entertainment programming that is threating and doesn’t do anything the seirous information does - it does not account for the ways in which people exchange, process, and engage political
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  • political party affiliation, increasingly discursive activity, Jeff Jones -television, democratic vitality- voting, rational critical actor

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