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Jenkins - o We invest those appropriated materials with...

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Jenkins - we are finding ourselves in a national witch hunt to determine which form of popular culture is to blame for the mass murders o video games seemed like a better candidate thn most - Crackdown in schools across America on free speech and expression in wake of the shoothings o This is wrong - These “hearings grew out of the fear adults have of their own children and especially their fear of digital media and technological change - Youth culture is becoming more visible but its core themes and values had remained constant - The key issue isn’t what media are doing to our children but rather what our children are doing with the media - All of us move nomadically across the the media landscape, cobbling together a personal mythology of symbols and sotires taken from many different places
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Unformatted text preview: o We invest those appropriated materials with various personal and subcutultural meanings-The mass media doesn’t make you violent destructive, creative or sociable, it provides you with raw materials to construct fantasies-Popular culture is only one influence on our child’s imagination-Real life triumphs media images all the time-Need to engage in rational conversation about the nature of the culture children consume-We are in a current moral panic over children’s culture because o We fear adolescents o Adult fears of new technologies See online time as socially isolating Online world offers an alternative support network o Increased visibility of youth culture-Banning violent video games and signs isn’t going to help o They are symbols, not causes...
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