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midterm study guide

midterm study guide - What is entertainment Entertainment...

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What is entertainment - Entertainment is something we engage in - We consume entertainment - Entertainment is an experience - Lingua Franca “common language” o Engagement o Consume o Experience - Entertainment is the greatest export from America to the rest of the world - Entertainment defines us as individuals and as a nation - There is not one theory to make sense of entertainment - Entertainment is all about power - Not paying attention to entertainment can be a problem - Entertainment is an agreeable state of mind o Fun, distraction, etc - Entertainment can be a powerful tool of propaganda - Contradictions- can be a problem if not noticed, but helpful if we do - Are politicians and politics not also consumed/ produced? o It is about entertainment - Is the media an “empire of allusion” - All of this really boils down to morality - Richard Dyer - when you ask people to define entertainment, their likes and dislikes , the response is usally one of defense o we don’t want to work, think o Entertainment is that space of freedom to relax o Entertainment is determined by what it is not ( negative inversion) - In order to show that we need entertainment, we need to juxtapose (put side by side) it to something else (politics/ business) - Entertainment is feared because of its incredible democratic power - The way we understand entertainment through negative inversion is a historical process - CULTURE AND ART- not about the instant gratification that amasses you, not mass produced, not media driven - The distinction between culture and entertainment has Dissapearred - sets the foundation, was the one who from the first reading said let me tell you there is a binary, tells us what binary is and how unproductive it is - need to study entertainment, look at its significance, find out why it is just entertainment September 1
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- Entertainment invoked debates over 2,000 years -similar debates to what we see today - if Entertainment is so frivolous, why is it always pointed out for flaws in culture? - a lot of models we use to understand writing come from Plato, Aristotle, Socrates Plato - looks at rhetoric as powerful and dangerous o “like a drug” - Good rhetoric gets us to Nomos (small truths) Bad rhetoric gets us to Physis (Big truths) - Our system is only possible if rulers are philosophers - Philosophers are different from pseudo intellectuals “lovers of sights and sounds” o Lovers of sights and sounds- people who claim expertise in the particular subject of beauty - Forms- unchanging , universal absolute ideas (the good, the beautiful, etc) o Cannot be seen, only grasped with the mind o Responsible for making the things we sense around us into the sorts of things they are - Philosophers apprehend (take into question) Forms, while lovers of sights and sounds just claim to know o Lovers of sights and sounds do not deal with forms, just particulars o Only philosophers can have knowledge because only they have access to forms - Three classes of existence o What is completely- Forms
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midterm study guide - What is entertainment Entertainment...

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