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october 20 - What is Advertising What is advertising...

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- We have been asking what is the function of entertainment - Arguments o Whatever comes out of entertainment is fake, not real, needs to be maintained o Contrary view - What are the possibilities for entertainment? - In what way was it limiting - The infrastructure for the content is a determinant for how productive media can be - What is the structure which entertainment is actually situated o For profit structure - How does the economic infrastructure make possible a certain type of productive content - Can a for profit structure concerned about making money also be democratic - Media operates to maximize profit for investors and owners o Content has become a commodity that must be bought and sold - Media can be bought and sold in many different way o Sold to us directly Books, dvds o Selling Access to media Buy a ticket to the movies, to the internet You are not an owner, you bought acces to that media o Media that is for free Public broadcast and radio= free media Advertising sustains the free media
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Unformatted text preview: What is Advertising? What is advertising selling? • Our eyeballs-Hedonism- concerns pleasure, receive satisifaction and pleasure from consu mption rather than from so m ething more real (social concerns, etc) o Because m e dia is through consu mption, it is h edonistic o Conservative argu m ent- we have co m e to a total decay in morals, no spirit growth We h ave co m e to a world with no morals left o Consu mption is bad o Issues with argu m ent Argum ent is a pplied to very particular kind of consu m er group • Especially the distinction b etwe en high and low class Not co mplicated e nough Makes clear distinction b etwe en goods that are n ec essary and goods tha are not n ecess ary • Distinction is very h ard to m ake-Regulation o FCC is in charge of regulating this m e dia syste m-Advertising is capitalism’s way of saying “I Love You” to itself o There is a love affair going on here o...
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october 20 - What is Advertising What is advertising...

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