Formula Sheet A3

Formula Sheet A3 - 2-table i = ex f>(0<z<g Poisson occurrences • oU-f'nd en-oo<x< o • ^r^ uMer curve | • p^C.S on either si4 of

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Unifow (2. Poisson Pistribu-fioM > is iVen, di<il f( x ) > 0 f(x) =(,,-* a c x < b-« as the s^me unftfl • P<JI«O*|: * »f ociAtrences Normal Di - fiwc interval uni't of -H 2 -> -Hie
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Unformatted text preview: 2 -table i = ex f > (0<z.<g) Poisson occurrences • oU-f('nd en -oo<x <; o • ^r^ uMer curve » | • p^C.S on either si4* of...
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