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China Timeline 2 - EASC 150g: Shawns China EconomicTimeline...

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EASC 150g : Shawn’s China Economic   Timeline 1960s-1990s – Alternative Asian regional models to Communist economy: Four Tigers or Four Dragons (Miracle economies) Hong Kong A , Singapore A , Taiwan A , South Korea AA ; instead of traditional import substitution models, these economies opted for export- industrialization, stable rise of middle-class in between the haves and have nots in these economies 1960 – Sino-Soviet Split 1964-75 “ Third Front ” in China, development policies, to strengthen interior as defensive strategy in response to potential threat from a KMT Taiwan (that had U.S. backing) 1966-76 Cultural Revolution (education/human capital suffers); China isolates itself and has minimal contact with world economy 1968 – Apollo 8 mission sends photos of the actual earth, affects global consciousness and politics 1973-74 – beginnings of “late capitalism” at the global scale and global convergence; rise of services industries; deregulation and globalization of industrial organization in developed countries (global oil prices increase 400% , Latin-American and African debt crises), offshore manufacture (as Silicon Valley grew in 1970s, the Four Dragons IT hardware production grew) 1976-8 – “ Gradualism ” in CCP economic policy (instead of Soviet Union’s “shock therapy” which resulted rapid reform, corruption, and state liquidation of assets); Chinese government debated on reform policies and ultimately adopt “working models” and Deng’s
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China Timeline 2 - EASC 150g: Shawns China EconomicTimeline...

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