23 - 1949 - CCP Great Leap Forward manpower in china china...

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The Mao Years 30 million died going to heaven famine was 3 years (1958 - 1961) nationalists - call their government R epublic O f C hina (1912) elect YSK (Yuan Shikai) - names himself emperor (problematic - they just demolished Qing dynasty) Warlord period (1916 - 1921( shanghai massacre nationalists single out communists and shoot them in the streets long march Japan nationalists move to taiwan bring money, imperial treasures, imperial library
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Unformatted text preview: 1949 - CCP Great Leap Forward manpower in china china producing inferior steel because they werent industrialized didnt spent enough time on agriculture, resulted in famine wild swan father arranged marriage grandmother - concubine daughter marries dr. xia feminism - evolution of women in society (possessions - rights)...
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