Chapters 5-7 Scarlet Letter

Chapters 5-7 Scarlet Letter - It explains how Hester spent...

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Aaron Kravitz Ms . Seibel Honors English 3 September 2, 2009 Chapters 5-7 Hester Prynne undergoes a huge change from the beginning of the novel to now . She starts to realize how much of a burden this “Scarlet Letter” is. The reader also discovers the significance of the name of the baby which starts to reveal more about her character . The narrator explains, “But she named the infant “Perl,” as being of great price, -- purchased with all she had, -- her mother’s only treasure
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Unformatted text preview: . It explains how Hester spent her whole life on her baby . She lost everything because of it . She shifts from a great love for her baby, to feeling ashamed. This brash change in character shows the frailty of human nature . Whenever the baby looks at the letter on her chest, she instantly becomes ashamed. The fact that the baby also enjoys the letter so much is explained in the sense that the baby is a part of it....
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