Chapters 8-11 Scarlet Letter

Chapters 8-11 Scarlet Letter - She is Hester’s only...

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Aaron Kravitz Ms . Seibel Honors English 3 September 9, 2009 Chapters 8 – 11 Hester decides that she wants to keep Perl . This is despite the fact that Hester gets repeatedly annoyed by Perl’s actions and even says she doesn’t know who her father is . Hester says, “She is my happiness! – she is my torture, none the less!” (Orwell 104) . This stark contrast in Hester’s views toward her daughter creates an interesting relationship
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Unformatted text preview: . She is Hester’s only treasure, yet she causes so much grief . It is all Hester has left after what she did. She also says that it is her punishment to have to take care of the child and it will purge her of her sins . Her daughter is a reminder of all she did, and will continue to be throughout the rest of her life ....
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