Chapters 12-13 Scarlet Letter

Chapters 12-13 Scarlet Letter - which is what the A could...

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Aaron Kravitz Ms . Seibel Honors English 3 September 9, 2009 Chapters 12 - 13 Something attracts Dimmesdale to the scaffold where Hester was shamed. Later Hester and Perl show up. The meteor that appears in the sky acts as a symbol for Dimmesdale’s actions. It was “beheld there [in the] appearance of an immense letter, - the letter A” (Hawthorn 143). This letter A in the sky creates a symbol for the relationship between Dimmesdale and Hester. Their relationship is adulterous,
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Unformatted text preview: which is what the A could stand for, or, as the people at the church thought, it could stand for angel. This second interpretation describes Hester as well. She has been caring for many people since she had that letter placed on her chest and now, even though the man in the church interprets it incorrectly, it may be the right interpretation after all....
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