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Lit log 14 - 17 - has to decide what to do with him She...

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Aaron Kravitz Ms. Seibel Honors English 3 September 11, 2009 Chapters 14 – 17 In these chapters Dimmesdale proves his weakness. Not only is he too weak to carry on a normal life and admit his sin, but also he is too weak to decide what to do about Chillingworth. He even says, “Think for me, Hester! Thou art strong. Resolve for me!” (Hawthorne 180). Dimmesdale has no resolve to sole his own problems. He seeks for answers that he should be able to find himself. His weakness not only makes him weak, but also it makes Hester weak. She
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Unformatted text preview: has to decide what to do with him. She basically tells him run away and that she will go with him. Dimmesdale also condemns Hester after all he has done. He blames Hester for his weakness, when in reality it is all his own. Hester has to beg for apology. He brought her all this suffering and now she has to apologize to him for her wrongdoings. He is a pathetic and feeble man who should not be living with himself....
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