Amish film notes (continued)

Amish film notes (continued) - - emma leaves amish church,...

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“The Devil’s Playground” -reference to our society - amish, between time leave shchool and time they take adult baptism they are allowed to do anything they want, not amish, can come to our society rumspringem-running around longitudinal study-6yrs, 4 main characters, 2 men, 2 women, not done by sociologists, Lucy walker film producer, -study of all these concepts -amish is very strong generalized others, strong reference group-large family - when join amish church, can’t break norms - 90 percent success rate to come back and join the church 10/13/09 Continuing the Amish film- -during rumspringa the girl can spend the night with a guy and share a bed - no mqterialist things, no cars, hair style, tv -windows all over amish house -living rom to the west -a lot of bibles -amish directory -songs of the amish book - faron gets kicked out of his house-does drugs againi -Velda accepted to college in Dallas TX, shunned
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Unformatted text preview: - emma leaves amish church, 16 yrs old leaving Indiana goes to Florida, successful adjustment- 90% join church-retention rate is highest since 1632 or 1693-Faron-father preacher (not paid, no training, good example of anticipatory _____ b.c. every adult male knows how to be a preacher by watching others)-went back to Indiana and joined church to become amish-back with drugs, arrested with a weapon with drugs, probably in jail now-Come back and join the church follow orders (from German word for ordium)of church (follow the mores of the religion) -Hawthorne effect- knowing they are being filmed, have a crew watching them, we don’t know if that affected their decisions -Bizarre scene: Amish, American tourists, Indian-American culture, social construction of reality-Socialization, significant others, reference group, generalized others-Different regions of Amish have different rules...
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