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Persuasive Memo Check Point submitted - two skip lunch...

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TO: Stacie Matthews, Computer Programmer FROM: LaShonta Green, Computer Programmer DATE: May 1, 2009 SUBJECT: Committee Meeting First I would like to thank you for taking time out to review my proposal. I will be suggesting that break rooms be installed on every floor. Currently employees gather their things, take the elevator or stairs to the first floor where the break room is currently located, warm up their lunch or sit and read a book, then clean up after themselves and returning to work on either the second or third floor. As one can see this setup is quite time-consuming. I believe this setup is directly related to decrease productivity after lunch. This process sometimes causes the employees to return from breaks and lunches late. The majority of our staff and the other tenants’ staff go to break or lunch around the same time, causing an over crowded break room. With only one microwave and one refrigerator, one could imagine how often these appliances malfunction, which leaves the employees two choices one leave the property for lunch or
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Unformatted text preview: two skip lunch, which is not healthy. As a result some of the employees are less productive by the time they get back to their desks due to the stress they had to go through to get lunch or a snack. My proposal suggests facilities; install a break room on every floor. This service will stream line the process for breaks and lunches. The new service would make it easier for employees to retrieve, prepare and process their food in a break room on the same floor where they work. This new service will provide a more convenient way for the employees of all the tenants in the building, which will make them more productive. I think all the tenants’ here at River View Plaza will benefit from this service. Your support will be greatly appreciated, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks LaShonta Green Computer programmer cc: Mark Jackson, Dave Martinez...
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