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ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (Psyc 3315-02) FALL 2009 MW 11:00-12:15 Dr. Joe Etherton Fall 2009 Office Hours: Monday 10-11, 2-3 Office: 310G Tuesday 1:30-3:00 Phone: 512 245-6367 Wed 10-11 Email: [email protected] or by appointment Text (Required): . (5 th ed.) . DESCRIPTION: This course will cover the various psychological disorders, theories of their etiology, and different approaches to treatment. A historical overview of theories, treatments, and diagnostic categories of psychopathology will be included, as well as assessment methods and the development of current diagnostic categories. By the end of the course you should have a greater understanding of various psychological disorders, theoretical perspectives on the causes of psychological disorders, and the various interventions that are used to treat them. LEARNING OUTCOMES: The Department of Psychology has adopted expected student learning outcomes for the undergraduate major, the graduate major, and for Psy 1300, a general education course meeting a requirement for the social and behavioral science component. These expected student learning outcomes are available for your review at the following website: COURSE FORMAT The course will involve lecture, discussion, and occasional in-class activities and quizzes. Part of the discussions will involve assigned reading materials. It is expected that assigned readings will be completed before class, so that you will be able to understand and contribute to the discussions. In-class exercises and activities may include unannounced quizzes, group activities, or other writing assignments. Some class meetings may involve some form of graded activity; accordingly, missing class regularly will result in a lower grade. ATTENDANCE POLICY Any in-class activities including quizzes, writing exercises, and exams, may contribute to your grade, and failure to attend class on the days those activities take place will result in a loss of credit for those activities, except in cases of
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