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Matthew Ketelhut English 1220 Suzanne Joelson November 7, 2009 Facing It Literal and figurative references are bounced back and forth from one line to the next in this poem of deep meaning. The literal and figurative things mean the same thing but said in different contents in the text. The reader will understand the meanings because almost everyone has something in the past the affects them still today after years of healing, but you never completely heal from a unforgetable memory. People hold back memories deep within themselves and hide the unbearing emotional pain of the past until they open up and face it. "Facing It" is expressed through a first person literal view in the setting of a veteran in the Vietnam war is looking at his reflection through the shiny polished "black granite" of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. The figurative reference is him "hiding inside the black granite," where he is looking at himself as if he were part of the wall. The veteran is holding something
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dsagsgfjdtyjd fyhjbydsbtrhdrt - Matthew Ketelhut English...

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