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Bose case - 1 Based on the business philosophies of Amar...

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1. Based on the business philosophies of Amar Bose, how do you think the Bose Corporation goes about analyzing its competition? I feel like Amar Bose views his only competition as himself. He is not looking to come out with a better, bigger or newer invention the another firm in the same market, but to come out with a product he is proud of and is just a little better then the last version he made. 2. Which of the text’s three approaches to marketing strategy best describes Bose’s approach? Bose uses the Intrepreneurial Marketing approach were revenue is not the main focus, but the customer is. 3. Using the Michael Porter and Treacy and Wiersema frameworks presented in the text, which basic competitive marketing strategies does Bose pursue? Bose uses the competitive marketing strategy of listening to exactly what the customer needs but producing beyond the customer expectations. This leads to new customers to incredibly
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