chapt1c - Introduction Engineering Design is the creative,...

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Introduction Engineering Design is … the creative, iterative and often open-ended process of conceiving and developing components, systems and processes. Design requires the integration of engineering, basic sciences and mathematics. A designer works under constraints, taking into account economic, health and safety, social and environmental factors, codes of practice and applicable laws. R e f : Why study the design process? There is a continuous need for new, cost-effective, high-quality products. Humans have been designing mechanical objects for nearly five thousand years. Regardless of whether we are designing gearboxes, heat exchangers, satellites, or doorknobs, there are certain techniques that can be used during the design process to help ensure successful results. Traditional Vs Modern product design and development process By the middle of the twentieth century, products and manufacturing processes had become so complex that one person no longer had sufficient knowledge or time to focus on all the aspects of the evolving product. Different groups of people became responsible for marketing, design manufacturing, and overall management. This evolution led to what is commonly known as the "over-the- wall" design process. Possible results : 3
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Often what is manufactured by a company using the over-the-wall process is not what the customer had in mind because of the many weaknesses in this product development process. First, marketing may not be able to communicate to engineering a clear picture of what
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chapt1c - Introduction Engineering Design is the creative,...

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