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chapt13 - Name of Assessor(Your name Name of your groupmate...

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Peer Assessment Form for ME3204 CONFIDENTIAL Please submit directly to Dr. WO Wong (FG635) on/before 28 Nov 2008. You are required to assess your peers’ contribution in each task of the project. The contribution rating varies from 0% to 100%. 0% means no contribution at all, while 100% means all the work are carried out by the student concerned. Group No. _________________________________________________________ Title of Project: _________________________________________________________ Project Tasks Distribution of contribution (total 100% for each item)
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Unformatted text preview: Name of Assessor: (Your name) Name of your groupmate: Name of your groupmate: Name of your groupmate: Total Task 1: Product Identification 100% Task 2: Product functional requirements and decomposition 100% Task 3: Design concept generation and evaluation 100% Task 4: Quality Function Deployment 100% Task 5: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis 100% Task 6: Material Selections & Cost analysis 100% Task 7: CAD modeling 100% Task 8: Report writing 100% Overall contribution 100% Signature of Assessor : _________________________________________________________...
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