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hw1 - The new battery can be molded into any shape • A...

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Design and Manufacturing I ME3204 Homework 1 : Instructions: Form groups of two, brainstorm on ways that one of the following new technologies might influence existing products. Suggest a new product based on the new technology and its influence on the existing products. Creative ideas will be reflected in the grades. A new rechargeable battery with 400% greater energy storage per unit weight and volume than the best one in the market.
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Unformatted text preview: The new battery can be molded into any shape. • A fiber, made from recycled paper and plastic, that feels like silk and has the strength and flexibility of nylon. • A sensor that can reliably detect and identify odors with a sensitivity 100 times greater than the best bloodhound. Due : one week, submission can be done through email: [email protected] or during class schedule....
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