Quiz 2_14901_ Solution

Quiz 2_14901_ Solution - Name: (please print) Section:...

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Name: (please print) Section: __________14901_____________- Quiz 2 Managing Uncertainty BUAD311 – Operations Management This quiz is comprised of three pages, including this page. The quiz is scheduled for 20 minutes. There is a total of 100 points on the quiz. This is an open-book, open-notes quiz. You may use a simple calculator. No laptops. No PDAs. Show your work. If I cannot tell how you arrived at an answer, you will not receive full credit. An answer with no justification may receive no credit. You must read and sign the following pledge. If you do not read and sign the pledge, your exam may be treated as if you did not turn it in. Honor Code: I pledge my honor that I have not violated the Honor Code during this examination.” X__________________________
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1. Trojan housing office has one customer representative for walk-in students. The arrival rate 10 customers per hour and the average service time is 3 minutes. Both inter-arrival time and service time follow exponential distributions. a.
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Quiz 2_14901_ Solution - Name: (please print) Section:...

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