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Unformatted text preview: THE WORLD’S GOLDEN RATIO POINT The Golden Ratio… Phi … 0,61… probably the most spiritual number in math. The mysterious seal that is impressed to the most elites by God. Our heart beat, our DNA, the special shape of the universe named dodecahedron, lots of galaxies spiral structure, perfect human faces and bodies, the lines of the plants’ leaves and many more are designed by the number of the golden ratio. It didn't take long time for scientists to find this perfect ratio which is used in the nature's design. Historical records tell us that this ratio is known for about 4000 years. In the design of the pyramids and many famous architectural work of art this ratio is used. Leonardo Da Vinci and Mimar Sinan are the most important users of this number in the history. According to this ratio, the number of the ratio which defines the shape was always 0.61. As we all know, latitudes and longitudes are become as a universal measuring system which are used in coordinate determination and setting the time. God sends his messages with the form of human’s understandings; with their units of measurements, or else the messages won’t be understandable. As can be understood from the calculations on the latitudes and longitudes the earth’s golden ratio point is at Mecca. The coordinates east longitude +39,82 and the north latitude +21,42 (Google Earth) shows that Kaaba and the holy area is at the earth’s golden ratio...
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