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Post Lab 8 Discussion

Post Lab 8 Discussion - We used these results to come up...

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Discussion In this experiment we used the principles of Beer’s Law and the trend between absorbance and solute concentration to calculate the equilibrium concentrations of each individual part of the reaction and to finally calculate the equilibrium concentration for the reaction. First, we started off with 0.0025M Iron (III) Nitrate, 0.0025M KSCN, 0.5M KSCN, and 0.1M Nitric Acid. We then diluted the Iron (III) Nitrate to make a 0.0001M solution which we deduced by using the equation M 1 V 1 =M 2 V 2 . We then mixed a first set of solutions with our working Iron (III) Nitrate, 0.1M Nitric Acid, and the 0.5M KSCN and measured the absorbance of each solution after mixing thoroughly. We repeated this process after mixing a second set of solutions containing different amounts of 0.0025M Iron (III) Nitrate, 0.0025M KSCN, and 0.1M Nitric Acid.
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Unformatted text preview: We used these results to come up with our final conclusions on the equilibrium concentrations and the equilibrium constant Topic 1 The assumptions made during the calculation of the product concentration while constructing the Beer’s Law plot included that the path length of the light was one centimeter and that the solution itself was transparent and not opaque. Topic 2 I knew the concentrations of the three chemical species by using the formula M 1 V 1 =M 2 V 2 . I was able to calculate the three concentrations by using the initial and diluted volumes and the either the initial or diluted concentration to get the opposite concentration. Topic 3 Our calculated K value was just above 1.0 which means that the reaction is slightly reactant favored, but neither side is very significantly favored over the other....
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