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Post Lab 9 - Brian Hults Post Lab 9 In this experiment we...

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Brian Hults Post Lab 9 11/01/2009 In this experiment we measured the pH of various household items using both pH paper and universal indicator. The items tested included a wide variety of both acids and bases including toilet bowl cleaner, beer, shampoo, lemon juice, and clear ammonia. We then used the determined pH levels to decide if the item was an acid or basic. In the next part, we diluted a pair of acids and bases in two stages from their initial concentrations of 0.1 M. We measured the pH of each initially and then again after each dilution and recorded all data. In the second part of section B, we found the molecular weight of five compounds to find out how many grams we would need to make a 0.1 M 100 mL solution. We then measured the pH of these solutions by using pH paper to determine if the dissociated compounds were acids or bases. In part C, our group looked at the properties of several different pH indicators and recorded their color changes as well as the general pH range observed where each indicator specialized.
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