Jeopardy - It appears extremely female, yet it will never...

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Jeopardy 7-9 The absence of menstruation is called: o Amenorrhea What are hard tissue masses that affect 20 – 40% of women 35 and older, but are more common among African-American women? o Uterine Fibroids Male and female organs that evolve from the same starting tissue are called: o Homologous What is the term for the partial or total removal of women’s external genitalia for non-medical reasons? o Female Genital Mutilation Sperm generates in the testicles and travels through this tubular structure to reach the urethra before ejaculation. o Vas Deferens Which of the following does no affect sperm quality? o Cell phones o Dioxins o Phlatates o Soy products All the above What is the average age when an xy begins to produce sperm (but may not ejaculate for a few more years)? o 12 years A German baby is born with an XO chromosome arrangement.
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Unformatted text preview: It appears extremely female, yet it will never menstruate or develop breasts. It will be infertile and may suffer from cognitive disabilities. The doctors say the patient has: o Turner’s syndrome • Carla was raised as a female, but she failed to menstruate at puberty and her pediatrician discovered that she is genetically a male. This conditions is called: o Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) • Which of the following is NOT a sex hormone? o Androgens o Estrogens o Oxytoxin o Pitocin Pitocin • My friend Leila is gender-neutral, and is therefore safe to assume that Leila is bisexual. o False • Which group of men have the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world? o Cyclists o African-American men o Gay men o Caucasian men African-American men...
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Jeopardy - It appears extremely female, yet it will never...

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