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Chapter 10 Notes - • Sanford on Clinton Sexuality...

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Chapter 10 Notes Whole stupid lesson about how she disagrees with the book she chose. Ethnicity The US: Freedom and Slavery in the New World Slavery o Sexuality of minorities was used to oppress them o Myth of slave promiscuity o Low rates of STIs among slaves White women are more likely than black or Hispanic women to give & receive oral sex Hispanic women are more likely to engage in anal sex than black or white women Inter-racial Relationships Chapter nine: pages 221-222 Text: The disapproval of others about interracial couples can affect the quality of the couple’s relationship Student: “Isn’t it ultimately the shared qualities and ambitions of the couple that determines their relationship’s success?” Religion Generalizations made by the book the professor disagrees with. Jimmy Swaggart confession
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Unformatted text preview: • Sanford on Clinton Sexuality Research: Emic & Etic • Based on two different kinds of data concerning human behavior o Emic: insider o Etic: outsider Men and Women • The largest gender difference in sexual behavior is in masturbation frequency • 48% of single men and 28% of women masturbate weekly or more Orientation & Sex • Text: page 235 states that lesbian relationships are closer than gay males which are closer than heterosexual couples. • Number of partners Masters & Johnson’s Four-Phase Sexual Response Cycle • Four-phase model of physiological changes that occur during sexual behavior, regardless of sexual orientation • Four phases: o Excitement o Plateau o Orgasm o Resolution Medicalization of Sexuality • Standardized • Undermines variability • Aging processes o Menopause and andropause are pathologized o Pharmaceutical Industry...
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Chapter 10 Notes - • Sanford on Clinton Sexuality...

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