Chapter 8 Self-Test

Chapter 8 Self-Test - Chapter 8 Self-Test 1. The first of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 Self-Test 1. The first of the U.S. government-sponsored studies of children's sexual behavior was the: National Health and Social Life Survey. 2. The ADD Health study: a. was designed to explore the causes of teenage sexual behaviors. b. is a national study of children in grades 7 through 12. c. is the largest, most comprehensive survey of adolescents to date. d. all of the above e. assessed the role of family, friends and schools on teenage sexual behaviors. 3. Studies show that males may have erections as early as: the fetal stage of development. 4. __________ is a hormone secreted by the hypothalamus that may contribute to the physical bond between a mother and her infant. Oxytocin 5. Generally speaking: gender identity comes before gender constancy. 6. Masturbation by infants: sometimes happens, but does not produce orgasm. 7. Young boys are often told to call their penis a wiener. Which of the following are young girls taught to call their clitoris? a. man in the boat b. pee pee c. none of the above d. tee tee e. weenie 8. Young rhesus monkeys separated from their mothers at birth showed a distinct preference for a "surrogate mother" which provided warmth and security, as opposed to a "surrogate mother" providing only food in a famous study conducted by: Harlow. 9. During infancy, genital self-stimulation is: common, and should not be discouraged. 10. The best approach for parents whose five-year-old child walks in on them while they are having sexual intercourse to: teach the child to knock before entering the bedroom in the future. 11. Four-year-old Estella knows that she is a girl, but sometimes says things indicating that she thinks she may be a boy in the future. Estella has not yet achieved: gender constancy. 12. A normally-developing child shows a decline in obviously sexual behaviors, and no longer engages in genital self-stimulation. Most likely, that child is how many years old? 7 13. All of the following are true except : a. Boys learn about masturbation from their peers. b. Girls most often learn about masturbation from other girls....
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Chapter 8 Self-Test - Chapter 8 Self-Test 1. The first of...

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