Chapter 4 Self-Test

Chapter 4 Self-Test - Chapter 4 Self-Test 1 A genetically...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 Self-Test 1. A genetically female infant has ambiguous genitals. This infant would be called: intersexed 2. A father’s sperm: carries 23 chromosomes, and determines the offspring's gender. 3. In the 1500s, King Henry VIII of England divorced Catherine of Aragon because she gave birth to a daughter, not a son. Regardless of what you think about divorce, Henry VIII's reasoning was: inaccurate: sperm alone can provide the "Y" chromosome. 4. Which of the following is true about the representations of male and female characters in video games? a. There are more female characters now than in previous years, but there are still far more male characters. b. Female characters are depicted as hypersexual. c. Male characters are portrayed as hypermuscular. d. All of the above are true. e. Gender stereotypes are very prevalent. 5. Compared to sperm carrying the "X" chromosome, sperm carrying the "Y" chromosome are: lighter, swim faster, and die quicker. 6. If you visually compared the sexual development of third-week female and male embryos, you would notice : no development yet of ovaries in the female, or testes in the male. 7. Male and female sex organs which arise from the same tissue are termed: homologous 8. "Female reproductive system" is to "Müllerian ducts" as "male reproductive system" is to: Wolffian ducts. 9. Which of the following is homologous to the glans of the penis? clitoral glans 10. A woman has just become pregnant. Which hormone has contributed most directly to her pregnancy? progesterone 11. An adult who has an "XO" 23 rd chromosome "pair:" has Turner's syndrome, and is infertile. 12. The best treatment for Turner's syndrome involves: administration of estrogen and progesterone during puberty. 13. A male is infertile; if the problem is genetic, most likely the diagnosis will be: Klinefelter's syndrome. 14. The least common of intersex variations is : hermaphroditism. 15. Megan was raised as a female. However, when she failed to menstruate at puberty, her doctor found that she was genetically male. Megan most likely has : Androgen-insensitivity syndrome (AIS) 16. A genetic male "looks" female at birth, and develops breasts when puberty arrives. However, the 16....
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Chapter 4 Self-Test - Chapter 4 Self-Test 1 A genetically...

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