Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Exploring Human Sexuality: Past...

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Chapter 1 Exploring Human Sexuality: Past and Present What is Sexuality? A uniquely human trait o Laws, customs, fantasies, art Sexologists o Specialize in studying human sexuality o Interdisciplinary : biologists, psychologists, physicians, anthropologists, historians, sociologists, political scientists, public health officials Contradictory and Confusing Sexual repression and ‘morality’ yet surrounded by sexual images Believe everyone is sexually active, yet an uncomfortable discussion topic Explore our sexuality vs. moral restrictions Diversity in sexual expression and experiences The Impact of the Media Surrounded by explicitly or subtly sexual visual media American television is full of sexual content American media is among most sexually suggestive in the western hemisphere The Impact of the Media Internet is changing communication o Anonymous information, advice o Social networking sites o Purchase sexual paraphernalia Media is second source of sexual information for American adolescents (Kunkel et al., 2003) o Watch 14,000 sexual references yearly o Inaccurate and misleading messages Early Evolution of Human Sexuality Upright posture changed human sexual intercourse o Visual cues increased in importance o Male genitals and female breasts more visible Human male has largest penis of all primates (phallus = aggression) Female pelvis rotated forward to allow face-to-face intercourse Enhanced female stimulation and orgasm Humans became a monogamous species’
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Ancient Mediterranean Growth of cities created laws to govern Many sexual issues present in writings, art:
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Chapter 1 Notes - Chapter 1 Exploring Human Sexuality: Past...

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