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Nyquist ABE 450 ANSYS Tutorial Design Optimization of a Plate with a Hole A square plate with a hole in the center has a uniform pressure of 10 ksi applied to the hole. The objective of this example is to use the design optimization feature in ANSYS to modify the dimensions of the plate and the hole in order to minimize the volume of the plate without exceeding a maximum von Mises stress of 32.5 ksi. One quarter of the plate will be modeled and Plane 2 elements with a default mesh density will be used. Design Variables: This model will have the plate height, width, thickness and the radius of the hole parameterized. The ranges are as follows: Parameter Minimum Value Maximum Value Height (H) 10 in 15 in Width (W) 10 in 15 in Thickness (T) 0.1 in 0.25 in Radius (R) 1.0 in 2.5 in State Variable: The maximum von Mises equivalent stress will be limited to 32.5 ksi. Design Objective: Minimize the volume of the plate. The plate has a Young’s Modulus of 30x10 3 ksi and Poisson’s Ratio of 0.3.
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Nyquist ABE 450 1 The following is the step-by-step procedure for the beam deflection problem using the ANSYS GUI (Graphic User Interface) environment. Using the left button of the mouse, click on everything that is typed bold and type everything that is italicized below. 1. Define the design variables and their initial values. (Go to Utility Menu) Parameters Scalar Parameters Selection enter: H = 12 & Accept Selection enter: W = 12 & Accept Selection enter: R = 1.5 & Accept Selection enter: T = 0.2 & Accept Close PlotCtrls Numbering (Go to LINE and click) OFF (then OFF will be toggled to ON) & OK 2. Define the element type, the plate thickness and material properties. (Go to Main Menu)
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design_optimization_tutorial_2005 - Nyquist ABE 450 ANSYS...

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