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Sheet1 Page 1 SPECIES,"BRAIN","BODY","GESTATION","LITTER" Quokka,17.5,3.5,26,1 Hedgehog,3.5,.93,34,4.6 Tree shrew,3.15,.15,46,3 Elephant shrew I,1.14,.049,51,1.5 Elephant shrew II,1.37,.064,46,1.5 Lemur,22,2.1,135,1 Slow loris,12.8,1.2,90,1.2 Bush baby,9.9,.7,135,1 Howler monkey,54,7.7,139,1 Ring-tail monkey,73,3.7,180,1 Spider monkey I,114,9.1,140,1 Spider monkey II,109,7.7,140,1 Gentle lemur,7.8,.22,145,2 Rhesus monkey I,84.6,6,175,1 Rhesus monkey II,107,8.7,165,1.1 Hamadryas baboon,183,21,180,1 Western baboon,179,32,180,1 Vervet guenon,67,4.6,195,1 Leaf monkey,65.5,5.8,168,1 White-handed gibbon,102,5.5,210,1 Orangutan,343,37,270,1 Chimpanzee,360,45,230,1 Gorilla,406,140,265,1 Human being,1300,65,270,1 Long-nose armadillo,12,3.7,120,4 Aardvark,9.6,2.2,31,5 Jack rabbit,13.3,2.9,41,2.5 Tree squirrel,6.23,.33,38,3 Flying squirrel,1.89,.052,40,3.1 Canadian beaver,40,20,128,2.9 Beaver,45,25,128,4 Deer mouse I,.68,.027,23,3.7 Deer mouse II,.63,.026,23,5 Deer mouse III,.52,.017,24,5 Deer mouse IV,.69,.024,24,5
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course STAT 511 taught by Professor Paulmurtaugh during the Fall '09 term at Oregon State.

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case0902 - Sheet1...

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