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case1401 - 36"BRUNO""drink"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 MINUTES,"CHIMP","SIGN" 12,"BOOEE","listen" 15,"BOOEE","drink" 14,"BOOEE","shoe" 10,"BOOEE","key" 10,"BOOEE","more" 80,"BOOEE","food" 80,"BOOEE","fruit" 78,"BOOEE","hat" 115,"BOOEE","look" 129,"BOOEE","string" 10,"CINDY","listen" 25,"CINDY","drink" 18,"CINDY","shoe" 25,"CINDY","key" 15,"CINDY","more" 55,"CINDY","food" 20,"CINDY","fruit" 99,"CINDY","hat" 54,"CINDY","look" 476,"CINDY","string" 2,"BRUNO","listen"
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Unformatted text preview: 36,"BRUNO","drink" 60,"BRUNO","shoe" 40,"BRUNO","key" 225,"BRUNO","more" 14,"BRUNO","food" 177,"BRUNO","fruit" 178,"BRUNO","hat" 345,"BRUNO","look" 287,"BRUNO","string" 15,"THELMA","listen" 18,"THELMA","drink" 20,"THELMA","shoe" 40,"THELMA","key" 24,"THELMA","more" 190,"THELMA","food" 195,"THELMA","fruit" 297,"THELMA","hat" 420,"THELMA","look" 372,"THELMA","string"...
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