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ex0211 - 97"bacilli" 107"bacilli"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 LIFETIME,"GROUP" 18,"control" 36,"control" 50,"control" 52,"control" 86,"control" 87,"control" 89,"control" 91,"control" 102,"control" 108,"control" 114,"control" 114,"control" 115,"control" 118,"control" 119,"control" 120,"control" 149,"control" 160,"control" 165,"control" 166,"control" 167,"control" 167,"control" 173,"control" 178,"control" 189,"control" 209,"control" 212,"control" 216,"control" 273,"control" 278,"control" 279,"control" 292,"control" 341,"control" 355,"control" 367,"control" 380,"control" 382,"control" 421,"control" 421,"control" 432,"control" 446,"control" 455,"control" 463,"control" 474,"control" 505,"control" 545,"control" 546,"control" 569,"control" 576,"control" 590,"control" 603,"control"
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Sheet1 Page 2 607,"control" 608,"control" 621,"control" 634,"control" 637,"control" 638,"control" 641,"control" 650,"control" 663,"control" 685,"control" 688,"control" 725,"control" 735,"control" 76,"bacilli" 93,"bacilli"
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Unformatted text preview: 97,"bacilli" 107,"bacilli" 108,"bacilli" 113,"bacilli" 114,"bacilli" 119,"bacilli" 136,"bacilli" 138,"bacilli" 139,"bacilli" 152,"bacilli" 154,"bacilli" 154,"bacilli" 160,"bacilli" 164,"bacilli" 164,"bacilli" 166,"bacilli" 168,"bacilli" 178,"bacilli" 179,"bacilli" 181,"bacilli" 181,"bacilli" 183,"bacilli" 185,"bacilli" 194,"bacilli" 198,"bacilli" 212,"bacilli" 213,"bacilli" 216,"bacilli" 220,"bacilli" 225,"bacilli" 225,"bacilli" 244,"bacilli" 253,"bacilli" 256,"bacilli" 259,"bacilli" 265,"bacilli" 268,"bacilli" Sheet1 Page 3 270,"bacilli" 283,"bacilli" 289,"bacilli" 291,"bacilli" 311,"bacilli" 315,"bacilli" 326,"bacilli" 326,"bacilli" 361,"bacilli" 373,"bacilli" 373,"bacilli" 376,"bacilli" 397,"bacilli" 398,"bacilli" 406,"bacilli" 459,"bacilli" 466,"bacilli" 592,"bacilli" 598,"bacilli"...
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