ex0333 - Sheet1 BRAINSIZE,"LITTERSIZE"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 BRAINSIZE,"LITTERSIZE" .41999998688697815,"SMALL" .8600000143051147,"SMALL" .8799999952316284,"SMALL" 1.1100000143051147,"SMALL" 1.340000033378601,"SMALL" 1.3799999952316284,"SMALL" 1.4199999570846558,"SMALL" 1.4700000286102295,"SMALL" 1.6299999952316284,"SMALL" 1.7300000190734863,"SMALL" 2.1700000762939453,"SMALL" 2.4200000762939453,"SMALL" 2.4800000190734863,"SMALL" 2.740000009536743,"SMALL" 2.740000009536743,"SMALL" 2.7899999618530273,"SMALL" 2.9000000953674316,"SMALL" 3.119999885559082,"SMALL" 3.180000066757202,"SMALL" 3.2699999809265137,"SMALL" 3.299999952316284,"SMALL" 3.609999895095825,"SMALL" 3.630000114440918,"SMALL" 4.130000114440918,"SMALL" 4.400000095367432,"SMALL" 5,"SMALL" 5.199999809265137,"SMALL" 5.590000152587891,"SMALL" 7.039999961853027,"SMALL" 7.150000095367432,"SMALL" 7.25,"SMALL" 7.75,"SMALL" 8,"SMALL" 8.84000015258789,"SMALL" 9.300000190734863,"SMALL" 9.680000305175781,"SMALL" 10.319999694824219,"SMALL" 10.40999984741211,"SMALL" 10.479999542236328,"SMALL"
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course STAT 511 taught by Professor Paulmurtaugh during the Fall '09 term at Oregon State.

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ex0333 - Sheet1 BRAINSIZE,"LITTERSIZE"...

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