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ex0622 - 23"GROUP3" 26"GROUP3"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 VOLUME,"GROUP" 12,"GROUP1" 105,"GROUP1" 105,"GROUP1" 118,"GROUP1" 119,"GROUP1" 161,"GROUP1" 20,"GROUP2" 37,"GROUP2" 103,"GROUP2" 129,"GROUP2" 135,"GROUP2" 140,"GROUP2" 161,"GROUP2" 175,"GROUP2" 179,"GROUP2" 209,"GROUP2" 1,"GROUP3" 7,"GROUP3" 12,"GROUP3" 15,"GROUP3" 18,"GROUP3" 18,"GROUP3"
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Unformatted text preview: 23,"GROUP3" 26,"GROUP3" 29,"GROUP3" 32,"GROUP3" 34,"GROUP3" 39,"GROUP3" 41,"GROUP3" 46,"GROUP3" 66,"GROUP3" 86,"GROUP3" 128,"GROUP3" 142,"GROUP3" 193,"GROUP3" 12,"GROUP4" 10,"GROUP5" 19,"GROUP5" 29,"GROUP5" 105,"GROUP5" 155,"GROUP5"...
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