ex0920 - Sheet1 year,"winner","condition","speed" 1896,"Ben

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Sheet1 Page 1 year,"winner","condition","speed" 1896,"Ben Brush","good",51.663405000000004 1897,"Typhoon II","slow",49.81132 1898,"Plaudit","good",51.162789999999994 1899,"Manuel","fast",50 1900,"Lieut. Gibson","fast",52.277229999999996 1901,"His Eminence","fast",51.663405000000004 1902,"Alan-a-Dale","fast",51.26213500000001 1903,"Judge Himes","fast",51.162789999999994 1904,"Elwood","fast",51.361869999999996 1905,"Agile","slow",50.47801 1906,"Sir Huon","fast",51.24223500000001 1907,"Pink Star","slow",49.773755 1908,"Stone Street","slow",48.81656999999999 1909,"Wintergreen","slow",51.48206 1910,"Donau","fast",52.21519 1911,"Meridian","fast",52.8 1912,"Worth","slow",51.004635 1913,"Donerail","fast",52.884615000000004 1914,"Old Rosebud","fast",53.484605 1915,"Regret","fast",52.63158 1916,"George Smith","fast",53.225805 1917,"*Omar Khayyam","fast",52.969500000000004 1918,"Exterminator","slow",50.45871499999999 1919,"Sir Barton","slow",50.84745999999999 1920,"Paul Jones","slow",51.162789999999994 1921,"Behave Yourself","fast",53.140095
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course STAT 511 taught by Professor Paulmurtaugh during the Fall '09 term at Oregon State.

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ex0920 - Sheet1 year,"winner","condition","speed" 1896,"Ben

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