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Sheet1 Page 1 INHIBIT,"UVB","SURFACE" 0,0,"DEEP" 1,0,"DEEP" 6,.009999999776482582,"DEEP" 7,.014999999664723873,"SURFACE" 7,.01850000023841858,"SURFACE" 7,.03350000083446503,"SURFACE" 9,.04349999874830246,"SURFACE" 9.5,.008999999612569809,"DEEP" 10,.0024999999441206455,"DEEP"
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Unformatted text preview: 11,.025499999523162842,"SURFACE" 12.5,.02800000086426735,"SURFACE" 14,.005499999970197678,"DEEP" 20,.02850000001490116,"DEEP" 21,.04349999874830246,"SURFACE" 25,.017999999225139618,"DEEP" 39,.032499998807907104,"DEEP" 59,.029999999329447746,"DEEP"...
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