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Sheet1 Page 1 CITY,"MORT","PRECIP","EDUC","NONWHITE","NOX","SO2" San Jose, CA,790.7329711914062,13,12.199999809265137,3,32,3 Wichita, KS,823.7639770507812,28,12.100000381469727,7.5,2,1 San Diego, CA,839.708984375,10,12.100000381469727,5.900000095367432,66,20 Lancaster, PA,844.052978515625,43,9.5,2.9000000953674316,7,32 Minneapolis, MN,857.6220092773438,25,12.100000381469727,2,11,26 Dallas, TX,860.1010131835938,35,11.800000190734863,14.800000190734863,1,1 Miami, FL,861.4390258789062,60,11.5,13.5,1,1 Los Angeles, CA,861.8330078125,11,12.100000381469727,7.800000190734863,319,130 Grand Rapids, MI,871.3380126953125,31,10.899999618530273,5.099999904632568,3,10 Denver, CO,871.7659912109375,15,12.199999809265137,4.699999809265137,8,28 Rochester, NY,874.281005859375,32,11.100000381469727,5,4,18 Hartford, CT,887.4660034179688,43,11.5,7.199999809265137,3,10 Fort Worth, TX,891.7080078125,31,11.399999618530273,11.5,1,1 Portland, OR,893.9910278320312,37,12,3.5999999046325684,21,44 Worcester, MA,895.6959838867188,45,11.100000381469727,1,3,8 Seattle, WA,899.2639770507812,35,12.199999809265137,5.699999809265137,7,20
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course STAT 511 taught by Professor Paulmurtaugh during the Fall '09 term at Oregon State.

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ex1123 - Sheet1...

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