ex1124 - Sheet1 species,"bodymass","maxdist","type"...

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Sheet1 Page 1 species,"bodymass","maxdist","type" Didelphis virginianus,2.4145,5.152,"O" Phascogale tapotafa,.172,6.8,"C" Trichosurus vulpecula,2.93,12.8,"C" Sorex araneus,.004,.869,"C" Scapanus townsendii,.148,.856,"O" Ursus americanus,104.45,225,"O" Ursus arctos,331,134,"O" Procyon lotor,7.8,265.5,"O" Martes americana,1.04,61,"C" Martes pennanti,2.9,23,"C" Mustela erminea,.067,5.6,"C" Mustela vison,1.1685,45.1,"C" Lutra canadensis,9.07,42,"C" Gulo gulo,14.4,300,"C" Taxidea taxus,6.975,110,"C" Meles meles,10.85,8.3,"O" Mephitis mephitis,2.909,8.3,"O" Canis latrans,14.06,232.2,"C" Canis lupus,41.38,432,"C" Vulpes vulpes,5.2,394,"C" Urocyon cinereoargenteus,4,83.68,"C" Felis concolor,53.05,274,"C" Lynx lynx,10.149,9.7,"C" Lynx rufus,8.9,182,"C" Castor canadensis,24.3,40.6,"H" Marmota flaviventris,5.448,1.4,"H" Marmota monax,3.4985,.768,"H" Spermophilus richardsonii,.405,.975,"H" Spermophilus beecheyi,.475,1.44,"H" Spermophilus beldingi,.4,.328,"H" Spermophilus leucopus,.192,.515,"H" Spermophilus tridecemliniatus,.14,.239,"H"
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This note was uploaded on 11/09/2009 for the course STAT 511 taught by Professor Paulmurtaugh during the Fall '09 term at Oregon State.

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ex1124 - Sheet1 species,"bodymass","maxdist","type"...

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