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ex1317 - 90"Limestone",6 105"Limestone",6...

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Sheet1 Page 1 IRIDIUM,"STRATA","DEPTHCAT" 75,"Limestone",1 200,"Limestone",1 120,"Limestone",2 310,"Limestone",2 290,"Limestone",3 450,"Limestone",3 620,"Limestone",3 170,"Limestone",4 205,"Limestone",4 260,"Limestone",4 120,"Limestone",5 135,"Limestone",5 5,"Limestone",6
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Unformatted text preview: 90,"Limestone",6 105,"Limestone",6 110,"Shale",1 501,"Shale",1 315,"Shale",2 710,"Shale",3 875,"Shale",3 400,"Shale",4 120,"Shale",5 130,"Shale",5 135,"Shale",5 150,"Shale",5 290,"Shale",5 145,"Shale",6 215,"Shale",6...
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