HW1 - Libof Problem 1.15 without part(c Typos(b1 a p q → A p q(b2 A does not contain → A contains 4 Some properties of motion in central

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PHYSICS 4455 – QUANTUM MECHANICS Problem Set 1 – due 9/1/2005, in class. 1. Recapping angular momentum. Libof Problem 1.5 Libof Problem 1.7 Libof Problem 1.8 2. Cyclic coordinates for the simple harmonic oscillator. Libof Problem 1.11 3. Poisson brackets
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Unformatted text preview: Libof Problem 1.15 without part (c). Typos: (b1) a ( p, q ) → A ( p, q ); (b2) A does not contain → A contains 4. Some properties of motion in central potentials. Libof Problem 1.19 You should read: Libof, Chapter 1. 1...
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