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PHYSICS 4455 — QUANTUM MECHANICS Problem Set 8 — due 10 / 27 / 2005, in class. “No room to wiggle” - exercises with δ function potentials 1. Starting with the solution for the bound states in HW7, set V 0 =∆ / L and take the limit L 0. Notice that, although the depth of the well gets larger and larger (i.e., the potential becomes more and more “attractive”), there is now less and less room for the wave function to wiggle. As a result, show (a one liner!) that there are no excited bound states, i.e., only the lowest one survives. What is its energy, in terms of and m (since there is no L left!)? Notice that, in this limit, although there is no width to the potential, its integral V ( x ) dx remains positive. Thus, this limiting V is known as the delta function potential. Write down the explicit mathematical expression for V ( x ) . 2. Get the same result for the bound state energies as above, by following the following shortcut.
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